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Summer Lectureships:
Summer Lectureship 2017
Because of Who He Is Ahren Steis 060717
Because Christ Died For Me Roger Leonard 061417
Because He Is Alive Kase Britton 062117
Mission Minded Like Jesus Jake Sutton 062817
Loving Like Jesus Tyler Jenkins 070517
Heavenly Minded Like Jesus Andrew Nelson 071217
Compassionate Like Jesus Mike Johnson 071917
Forgiving Like Jesus Luke Hall 072617
Vulnerable Like Jesus Westley Hazel 080217
Controversal Like Jesus Deland Guthrie 080917
Patient Like Jesus David Abbott 081617
Righteous Like Jesus David Nelson 082317
Humble Like Jesus JT Brown 083017
Summer Lectureship 2016
Perseverance Phillip Hamner 062216
Heaven Gary Hutchinson 062916
Security Donnie Wisenbaker 072016
Fellowship Bill Daugherty 072717
Forgiveness Joe James 080316
Assurance Spencer Broome 081016
Trust Austin Fowler 081016
Patience Bart Bosch 082416
Love Jonathan Garner 083116
Summer Lectureship 2015  
Add to Your Faith Bill Naylor 061015
Be Not Conformed Bill Daugherty 061715
Bury Not Thy Talents T Robinson 062415
He That Winneth Souls Is Wise Westley Hazel 070115
Keep Thy Heart; Watch Your Habits Ryan Steis 070815
Why Do We Worship? Bart Bosch 071515
Members One of Another Donnie Wisenbaker 072215
Not A Fan Westley Hazel 072915
Prayer Dirk Harrell 080515
Now That You're A Christian Jack Farber 081215
Read, Meditate, Study Danny Brock 081915
Take Heed Lest Ye Fall Bart Mizell 082615
Walk Circumspectly Mike Meeks 090215
Summer Lectureship 2014
Encouragement is a Biblical Ministry Carlos Hundley 060414  
The Power of Courage Hubby Brooks 061114  
The Problem of Discouragement Bart Mizell 061814  
The Possibilities of Encouragement Bill Naylor 062514  
The Mind of an Encourager Gary Hutchinson 070214  
The Eyes of an Encourager Don Garner 070914  
The Ears of an Encourager Donnie Wisenbaker 071614  
The Lips of an Encourager Thomas Robinson 072314  
The Hands of an Encourager Al Howard 073014  
Courage to Build: Nehemiah Jonathan Garner 080614  
Courage to Bloom: Barnabas Mike Meeks 081314  
Courage to Believe: Jesus Austin Fowler 082014  
Courage to Battle: God the Father Ryan Steis 082714  
Summer Lectureship 2013
The Earth Was Without Form and Void Dave Huffman 060513  

Building without Vision

Bill Naylor 061213  

Who Lays the Foundation

Marty Broome 061913  

Behold the Pattern

Brandon Britton 062613  

The Prefabricated Life

Jack Farber 070313  

The Quality of our Materials

Ted Okolichany 071013  

Diligence and Construction

Andrew Nelson 071713  

And the House on the Sand Went Splat

Justin Rogers 072413  

Leaving the Construction Site Unguarded

Bill Daugherty 073113  

The Need for Fellow Workers

Don Garner 080713  

The Wise Master Builder

Brian Leverett 081413  

This House Will Never Fall

Tony Creekmore 082113  

The Lord is My Rock and My Foundation

Barry Robinson 082813  
Summer Lectureship 2012
The Boldness & Courage of Peter & John Spencer Broome 082912
Getting Back to Basics Jack Farber 082212
Godliness Don Garner 081512
Our Need For Repentence Bill Daugherty 080812
A Day In The Life Of Barabbas Mark Reynolds 080112
Tip of the Iceberg Brandon Britton 072512
Does God Really Love Me? Wayne Rodgers 071812
The Old Testament Justin Rogers 071112
There Is A Purpose In His Plan Brian Leverett 070412
Love Brandon Britton 062712
Choices and Decisions Ray Joyner 062012
Are Our Priorities Distorted? Andrew Nelson 061312
A Compromised Church Ryan Tuten 060612
Summer Lectureship 2011
“Be anxious for nothing...” Brandon Britton June 1

“So now, brethren, I commend you to God...” Wayne Rogers

June 8
“Father, forgive them” Ryan Tuten June 15
“for such a time as this…” Nathan Kidwell August 10