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Audio Library...
2018 Sermons:
Title Speaker    
  Faith -- Confidence Bill Ward 090918PM  
  Faith -- Love Donnie Wisenbaker 090918AM  
  Romans Chapter 9 Westley Hazel 090218PM  
  The Great Restoration Westley Hazel 090218AM  
  Romans -- the Promise of the Gospel Westley Hazel 082618PM  
  Truth Bomb Westley Hazel 082618AM  
  Trust in the Lord with All Thy Heart Tony Creekmore 081918PM  
  The Life of Joseph Brian Leverett 081918AM  
  Will of God Westley Hazel 081218PM  
  Lies Westley Hazel 081218AM  
  Dead To the Law Westley Hazel 080518PM  
  Does God Hate Sin and Loves Sinners Westley Hazel 080518AM  
  Romans Chapter 7 Westley Hazel 072918PM  
  How God Sees us Westley Hazel 072918AM  
  Enough Is Never Enough Travis Lewis 072218PM  
  I Love the Church Thomas Robinson 072218AM  
  The Sinfulness of Mankind Westley Hazel 071518PM  
  Called to Suffer Westley Hazel 071518AM  
  Christ Brings Us to Salvation Westley Hazel 070818PM  
  Sin and Salvation Westley Hazel 070818AM  
  Contending For The Faith Jonathan Garner 070118PM  
  Our Commitment to God Bill Daugherty 070118AM  
  Love Poured Out - Romans 5 Westely Hazel 062418PM  
  Counting the Cost Westley Hazel 062418AM  
  Salvation - Romans 4 Westley hazel 061718PM  
  World's Greatest Dad Westley Hazel 061718AM  
  Romans Chapter 4 Westley Hazel 061018PM  
  Betrayed Westley Hazel 061018AM  
  The Sinfullness of Mankind Westley Hazel 060318PM  
  The Sanctified Marriage Westley Hazel 060318AM  
  Questions & Answers Westley Hazel 050618PM  
  When I Grow Up Westley Hazel 050618AM  
  Hezekiah's Passover Westley Hazel 042918PM  
  Overbooked Westley Hazel 042918AM  
  Friend of Jesus Westley Hazel 042218AM  
  New Testament Authority Westley Hazel 041518PM  
  Alcohol and the Bible Westley Hazel 041518AM  
  Where's the Piano? Westley Hazel 040818PM  
  The Great I Am Westley Hazel 040818AM  
  Power of the Devil Adam Guthrie 040118PM  
  The Resurrection Bill Ward 040118AM  
  Cheaper Perfume Westley Hazel 032518AM  
  The Salt and Light of the World Tony Creekmore 031818PM  
  Feeding 5,000 Brian Leberett 031818AM  
  Questions and Answers Westley Hazel 031118PM  
  Salt and Light Westley Hazel 031118AM  
  Questions and Answers Westley Hazel 030418PM  
  Christian Worldview Westley Hazel 030418AM  
  YES Weekend Recap Westley Hazel 022518PM  
  I Corinthians 16 Westley Hazel 021818PM  
  How Do You Handle Criticism? Westley Hazel 021818AM  
  1 Corinthians 15 Westley Hazel 021118PM  
  Formation Westley Hazel 021118AM  
  Conflict in the Church Westley Hazel 020418PM  
  Sanctification Westley Hazel 020418AM  
  1 Corinthians 13 Westley Hazel 012818PM  
  Growing the Kingdom David Shannon 012818AM  
  Reasons Why People Don't Like You David Shannon 012818BS  
  Used by God Westley Hazel 012118PM  
  Fight for Your Family Westley Hazel 012118AM  
  Forgiveness Dale Pollard 011418PM  
  Turn The World Upside Down Westley Hazel 011418AM  
  Good Works by Donald Wisenbaker-April 30, 2017