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Audio Library...
Gospel Meetings:
2018 Winter Gospel Meeting with Dale Jenkins

Does It Matter?

You Will Never See A Skinny Bird Lesson 1
Does It Matter What You Believe? Lesson 2
Finding Your Place in the Church Lesson 3
Does It Matter How You Worship? Lesson 4
Does It Matter How You Are Saved? Lesson 5
Does It Matter When Jesus Returns? Lesson 6
2017 Winter Gospel Meeting with Cliff Goodwin

Christ is King

Introducing Colossians Lesson 1
Jesus is King Lesson 2
Continuing in The Faith Lesson 3
The Church Lesson 4
Ideas Have Consequences Lesson 5
Christian Gratitude in Four Words Lesson 6
2016 Winter Gospel Meeting with Terry Broome

Kingdom Living

Renewing the Flame Lesson 1
What Is a Strong Church? Lesson 2
Kingdom Living Lesson 3
Can These Bones Live? Lesson 4
Shining As Lights Lesson 5
2015 Winter Gospel Meeting with Justin Rogers

A Faith That Works...

Lesson I Lesson I
Lesson II Lesson II
Lesson III Lesson III
Lesson IV Lesson IV
2014 Winter Gospel Meeting with Glenn Colley

My Stewardship of...

My Joy 011214BS
The Faith 011214AM
My Marriage 011214PM
My Time With My Children 011314MN
My Eternity 011414TN
2012 ~ God Bless America with Paul Sain
America & The State of the Union 110412BS
Will God Always Bless America 110412AM
In God We Trust 110412PM
2011 Fall Gospel Meeting with Mike Vestal
Who Cares? 091811BS
Rebels Without a Cause 091811AM
Prone to Wander 091811PM
The Turning Point 091911
Beautiful Fellowship 092011F1
When Fellowship Draws The Line 092011F2
The Ultimate Portrait of God 092011
Staying Home Once You've Come Home 092111
2011 Winter Gospel Meeting with Cliff Goodwin
Philippi:  The City & The Church Lesson 1
The Joy of Being Part of Something Bigger Than I Am Lesson 2
Preserving The Joy of Unity Lesson 3
The Joy of a Savior Lesson 4
Protecting The Joy of Salvation Lesson 5
The Joy of Giving Lesson 6
Summer Lectureship 2010 07/07/2010
2010 Fall Gospel Meeting with Charles Box
From the Mouth of Jesus Lesson
Three Searching Questions Lesson 1
Ten Vital Questions You Must Answer Lesson 2
What Did Daddy Leave Us? Lesson 3
I Will Just Keep Preaching It Lesson 4
Will the USA Repeat the Sins of Israel? Lesson 5
Tarballs, Dead Birds & Babies Lesson 6
2008 Winter Gospel Meeting with BJ Clarke
How to Build a Rock Solid Home 11708a
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross 11708b
Life's Four Questions 11708c
What Church to Join 11708d
Laying a Good Foundation 11708e
Are You In The House? 11708f