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Audio Library...
Ladies Day:
2018 "The Journey" with Kathy Pollard
God's Presence   Presence  
God's Power   Power  
God's Purpose   Purpose  
2016 ~ Sisters at Sea
Kinship 1 Lori Boyd Lesson1  
Kinship 2 Lori Boyd Lesson 2  
2014 ~ Building Blocks of Faith
Jesus and His Resurrection Teresa Hampton Lesson1  
Ancient Faith And Tradition Teresa Hampton Lesson2  
2013 ~ Women Growing Together in Spirituality
Developing Spiritual Maturity Evelyn Apple Lesson1  
Growing and Giving Evelyn Apple Lesson2  
Choosing, Speaking, Serving Evelyn Apple Lesson3  
2012 ~ Game Day
Monopoly/Clue Teddy Copeland 1  
Twister/Risk/Sorry Teddy Copeland 2  
Trouble/Chutes and Ladders Teddy Copeland 2  
2011 ~ Up, Up and Away
Make Sure Your Image Measures Up Renita Archey lesson1  
Power Up Your Attitude Renita Archey lesson2  
Pump Up Your Spiritual Life Renita Archey lesson3